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I3 Biomedical, Inc.

I3 BioMedical Joins Forces with LifeSupply
To Expand Online Distribution in Canada

TrioMed Antimicrobial Tapes and Dressings Now Available
24/7 Via LifeSupply’s Ecommerce Platform

July 15th, 2019 – I3 Bio Medical Inc. and LifeSupply, Canada’s leading online retailer of home medical and wellness products, today announced a distribution partnership to offer TrioMed antimicrobial tapes and dressings on LifeSupply’s ecommerce platform.

This partnership provides medical professionals, caregivers and patients alike, secure convenient access to TrioMed antimicrobial tapes and dressings.  I3 BioMedical Inc. is based out of Canada and Europe and manufactures the patented TrioMed medical tapes and dressings product series. The TrioMed technology incorporates a broad-spectrum and powerful tri-iodide antimicrobial engineered to eliminate the microbiological reservoir found on all medical tapes and dressings, without releasing chemicals to the patients.  The TrioMed Antimicrobial Medical Adhesive products will effectively kill harmful contaminants on the external surface and stop widespread contamination.

LifeSupply’s online retail platform ( will provide Canadians with secure and convenient access to TrioMed’s tapes and dressings. is a virtual store where shoppers create accounts, place orders, and conduct secure transactions, at their convenience anywhere, anytime and on the go.

“We are thrilled to partner with I3 BioMedical to offer the latest scientific technology in wound care products.”, said Ben Hastibakhsh, VP of Business Development.  “Thanks to the combined power of innovative technology solutions and proven medical research; caregivers, patients and medical professionals will have access to medical tapes and dressings that provide an ultimate interactive antimicrobial shield.”

“We are very happy to team up with to allow all Canadians easy access to the benefits of the self-cleaning TrioMed products at no extra cost”, said Natalie Lapierre, Executive Managing Director.

Lifesupply ( is Canada’s leading retailer of home medical equipment and supplies. The company empowers patients, caregivers, medical professionals alike, with convenient access to a wide selection of home medical products at some of the lowest prices.  LifeSupply has a wide distribution network with warehouses across Canada.

Ben Hastibakhsh
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Natalie Lapierre
I3 BioMedical Inc.
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