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I3 BioMedical Inc. is the operating company of T3Medcell Corp. Both are Canadian corporations.

The inventor of the TrioMed Active technology and the TrioMed team have devoted their professional careers to eliminating microbial pathogens.

The Vision was to invent and industrialize an antimicrobial technology that would rapidly kill all disease-causing microorganisms and be manufacturable into medical and disposable consumer products - at no cost increase to the end-users.

After years of Research & Development, the TrioMed Team successfully industrialized disposable medical products at an equivalent cost that replace the currently available products known to be infection reservoirs. Our laboratories have always been our launching base for scientific innovation, while our manufacturing facilities provide unequaled medical and consumer products.

I3 BioMedical has worked and partnered with international universities, laboratories, and scientists for years, to test, validate and substantiate the TrioMed products, which respective Health Governments now approve in over 40 countries.

Our Team



CEO & Executive Chairman

36 yrs. in the medical field both in scientific leadership positions and as CEO and a serial entrepreneur. He was principal scientific investigator for the US Dept. of Defense for 14 years, presented to the prestigious Pasteur Institute (France), Kitazato Institute (Japan), and NIH (USA) - to name a few. Pierre has written and received in excess of 240 patents. He founded Triosyn Corp. which he sold for $75M USD.




With 20 years in management & international regulatory practice, she has also established the logistical requirements for flawless integration of international supply and manufacturing.


Sales &


An international market “maker” in Technology, with experience at Camfil, Positron, and Triosyn Corp. He brought the international sales for Pyng Medical from $0.5M to $8.5 M in 4 years, prior to its acquisition by Medtronic.




Combining Biochemistry and Nursing backgrounds

Kathy is both a scientist and an international technology commun-icator, with broad experience in medical care and international exhibition.


Manufacturing of Films & Non-wovens

Having dedicated his life to manufacturing of polymer films, adhesives, and non-woven, Andy is the CEO of Aeropore in Taiwan, the leading Taiwanese industrial manufacturer of medical semi-finished products.

Senior Partners


Board Member & Advisor

Hal is an Electrical Engineer and Doctor of Experimental Medicine.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Thought Technology. He has broad experience in product development, regulatory affairs, & human resources management.

He is also a business mentor at Mentor Connect and is a serial investor in startups.


Board member

Leon is an experienced entrepreneur and successful businessman who leads large projects in numerous industries including mega real estate ventures and participation in public companies in both Canada and the United States. Leon brings an inherent analytical understanding of business and strategy. 


Patent Lawyer

Betsy both an engineer and Lawyer specializing in Intellectual property, was part of the Hubble Space Telescope program. Reviewer for the Australian Research Office, she practiced patent Law at Kenyon & Kenyon before becoming an associate in the Corporate & Patent Division of Goodwin Procter LLP.


Certified Accountant

Emil is an experienced Certified Public Accountant with many years of experience in corporate financial accounting. He and his associates provide all the accounting and tax services of the corporation 



Science &

Regulatory Affairs

Internationally recognized by the medical community, Doctor Truscott was director of medical science for Kimberly Clark, Halyard Health, VP of Science for Safeskin Affairs & Director of Regulatory Affairs consumer affairs at Baxter Healthcare. 

In addition to leading the successful filings of numerous US Food and Drugs Agency and NIOSH applications, Wava was also Chairman of the ASTM ( American Standard For Testing Materials ) additionally receiving numerous awards from the ASTM.


Governmental & Corporate Strategy 

Governmental &Corporate Strategy 

Steve was a Commanding Officer of a 350-man Navy Squadron & department head of the Naval Air Test Center. 

A graduate from the U.S Naval Academy as well as Salve Regina and Harvard. In addition to being an Advisor and Member of the six-sigma Strategic review of the US Navy Medical Research Command, Steve was also a graduate of the Naval Academy, the US Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS). 

Steve brings vast experience as a senior US Senate Staff member including acquisitions and managerial skills.




An experienced entrepreneur and investor in technology. Private companies he has advised and/or invested in include Modern Meadow (over CAD $200M raised), Ratio Club/Mediachain Labs (exit to Spotify), Vrvava (exit to Apple), Layer VI AI (formerly Milq, exit to TD), MKB Solar/Potentia Renewables (exit to Power Corporation) and more. He has been partners with US business magnate Sean Parker in a music venture and has also done early-stage investing for Parker's family office through Strange Loop Ventures, LLC.

Our Development and Production Facilities

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