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Antimicrobial Medical Adhesive Products

TrioMed medical tapes and dressings' external surfaces eliminate contamination by microorganisms,
therefore also eliminating any microbial migration under or through the adhesive.
The Problem

All scientific and clinical studies indicate that medical & surgical tapes and dressings commonly used in healthcare settings are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and may serve as a significant source of infection.

Our Solution

TrioMed medical adhesive tapes and dressings' external surfaces eliminate the contamination by microorganisms therefore also eliminating any microbial migration under or through the adhesive. TrioMed provides the ultimate interactive antimicrobial shield.

How Does It Work?

The TrioMed technology incorporates a broad-spectrum and powerful tri-iodide antimicrobial engineered to address this infection risk. The TrioMed Antimicrobial Medical Adhesive products will effectively kill harmful contaminants and are the only existing solution to stop this widespread contamination.

Products: breathable non-woven & waterproof polymer
  • The ultimate interactive antimicrobial shield.
  • Neutralizes up to 99.99% of harmful pathogens on contact.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Latex free, flexible and conformable.
  • Provides a strong and reliable fixation.
  • Class 1 medical device registered in numerous countries.
Our Technology

Notwithstanding its high efficacy with microbial pathogens, I3 BioMedical’s Tri-iodide solution has no toxic effects on humans. The fundamental application of Tri-iodide as an antimicrobial is a natural method to eliminate microbes. I3 BioMedical’s molecular grafting manufacturing technology harnesses the power and stability of the Tri-iodide molecules providing an interactive broad spectrum micro biocide, with no toxicity impact. This process is simple, cost-effective and adaptable to various type of medias.

Our Company

I3 BioMedical Inc, a Canadian-based company has its subsidiary TrioMed Innovations Europe SA located in Belgium. I3 BioMedical Inc is a biotech manufacturing company that understands the risks that microorganisms and infections have on individuals and their surroundings. By clearly understanding this risk, I3 BioMedical Inc. has been able to industrialize a low-cost and high-performance molecular grafting solution that can take any type of material and convert them into antimicrobial articles.

TrioMed Technology Neutralizes 99.99%
of Harmful Pathogens on Contact

Medical Adhesive Tape

Non-cytotoxic • Non-irritating

 World's First Self-Cleaning Adhesive Tapes and Dressings

A critical technological advance in the field of medical adhesive products : TrioMed incorporates a powerful antimicrobial to control microbiological contamination (fungi, bacteria, viruses).


Here's What Some of Our Customers Say

“My personal experience was with a large graze on my shin, for which I applied the bandages you were so kind enough to send, and noticed that the wound healed very quickly and cleanly!   Same results for my daughter’s skinned knee!”

Alex Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"En tant que marin professionel,  je peux compter sur les pansements TrioMedMC pour traiter des plaies mineures en mer.  Les pansements TrioMedMC demeurent en place bien mieux qu`une combinaison de band-aid et onguent antibiotique.  La blessure reste propre et ca me permet de continuer!"

Francois Faucher Officier de Pont Coastal Shipping Ltd.

“I put on a TrioMed™ bandage after a surgery for skin cancer and now will not use any other. It holds very well and stays on and is soft to the skin when removed.”

Sheila O’Brien Mother of 2 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"Applied the TrioMed™ tape on different patients for thoracic drain, central venous catheters and spinal cord wounds. In all of our patients, we gave the TrioMed™ tape the maximum rating of 4/4 for all criteria. Excellent adherence with ease of removal." (our translation)

Corinne Wound Specialist Lille, France

“I like the way it stays on snug and my cuts healed a lot quicker with the TrioMed™ dressing than any other I have used.”

Jeanne Boa Dairy Cattle Farmer Lachute, Quebec, Canada

“My husband works in heating (selling and installing) heaters.  He often comes home with cuts on his hands from cutting pipes and fittings. He finds band aids too bulky so I just clean and apply the antibacterial tape to his cuts, change it daily and presto cuts are gone and healed within a few days. I also shared it with my sister who uses it on her grandson. Tape is great on his scrapes as well.”

Alice Amero Licensed Practical Nurse Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

“I work in construction and frequently cut myself. I now use only the TrioMed™ Tape and am amazed at the quick healing in every case.”

James Voss General Contractor Val David, Quebec, Canada

“I had a cut on my finger and was looking for a band-aid.  Found a box of bandages (5cmx7cm TrioMed™ WD) and opened it to take one out to use.  Found the bandage to be very soft and comfortable and stayed on very well compared to regular band-aids.  Those come off too easy.  This one bends well over the knuckle and doesn’t come off.  Doesn’t feel like you have something there.”

Alice Ko Mother of 7 Guangdong, China

"With the great summer-like weather in Montreal, i decided to ditch the socks and wear my new summer shoes. Not a wise move since the material was scraping the skin near my ankle giving me a small blister. I put on a TrioMedTM dressing to protect the area. This was very comfortable to wear and i didn't feel like i was wearing a bandage. It stayed well on the skin, even over my ankle, no peeling off."

Prasanth Ramalingam Student Sri Lanka

"As a professional mariner, I can count on TrioMedTM Dressings to treat minor wounds while at sea.  I find TrioMedTM Dressings stay in place far better than the usual band-aid and antibiotic ointment combination, keeps wounds clean and lets me keep going!"

Francois Faucher Deck officer Coastal Shipping Ltd.

"I 've been working 28 years in a small town in Ontario as a line technician I often get cuts from metal trimmings off the machines. So I have been experimenting with all types of wound dressings and bandages. One I was impressed with was the TriomedTM tape and now I've been trying the new dressing I read mentioned in the Journal de Montreal. So far I noticed a big difference plus getting older you don't mend as quickly but with the TriomedTM dressing I find it quick and clean. I would suggest it to anyone."

Peter Fillion Line Technician Hawkesbury, Ontario

"I used a TrioMedTM wound dressing to protect a friction burn on the bony part of my wrist. the dressing covered and stayed on the wrist nicely. Material was soft and comfortable on the skin."

Sarath Kumar Electrical Engineer Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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